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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Restricted airflow in the dryer vent causes the dryer to run longer, use more energy and increase lint accumulation causing a fire hazard.  Improper routing of dryer venting, lint build up, booster fans,

exhaust hoods, birds nests and bee hives can also restrict airflow.  Call The Doctor 262-689-2481

Dryer Vent Repair & Installation

Improper dryer vent installations and damaged vents encourage lint build up that can create a fire hazard and decrease the efficiency of your dryer.  We provide professional dryer vent installation and repairs. 

We always use the correct materials and exhaust vent systems requirements (Per The Manufacture) for your dryer and dryer venting, ensuring proper dryer vent installation.  Call the Doctor 262-689-2481

Dryer Vent Booster Fans

Most Dryer Manufacturers DO NOT Recommend the use of dryer booster fans (Booster Fan Must Be Cleaned Every Six Months Per The Manufacture  We professionally replace any plastic or metal foil with rigid metal.  We make sure the recommended style exhaust hood is used and that the Manufacturers "Vent System Chart" is followed to achieve the best dryer performance. 

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Doctor Dryer Vent